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We are committed to help our valued stakeholders in all aspects of life from our inception to till now. And it is ongoing program. We believe that helping is not in one sided it’s always both sided. If you need any kind of help such as product related, farm related or customer query please feel free to call us on the following number or email:

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Verno Bio-Solutions Ltd.

AK Mansion(2nd Floor), 17 J.C Guha Road, Nandankanan, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh.

+880-31-2851021 Fax : 031-2851021

Customer Service : +880-31-2851021, +880-1777775160-79
Email :
Poultry Help Line : +880-31-2851021, +880-1777775160-79
Dairy Help Line :  +880-31-2851021, +880-1777775160-79
Aqua Help Line : +880-31-2851021, ++880-1777775160-79
Feed Additives and Feed Premixes Help Line : ++880-1777775160-79