Complementary liquid feed supplement

To fight polar and no-polar mycotoxins, stimulate animals' natural defenses and fight the digestives tracts oxidation.

Nutritional objectives :

Antibacterial :GERMATOXis a blend of acids and yeast extracts for a full security of the digestive tract. The acid combination will lower the pH in the gastrointestinal tract, limiting the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Probiotic effect:Yeast extracts contains in GERMATOXwill have a prebiotic effect on the digestive tract by stimulating positive intestinal flora, acting as fermentation substrate.

Anti-oxidant :

Betaglucans and MOS present in yeast extracts are involved in reducing feed contamination: theyagglomerate mycotoxins and other harmful substances in the gut, because of their physical structuresproviding better protection against gastrointestinal tract pathogens.

Digestion: The combination of both acid and yeast extracts in GERMATOXwill prevent digestive problem, such diarrhea, By improving digestion of poultry and bovines, GERMATOXwill allow improved weight gain,

feed conversion rate, ….

Composition per litre :

Yeast extracts (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae)



Lactic acid

Citric acid

Monopropylene Glycol


200 000 mg

20 000 mg

60 000 mg

80 000 mg

80 000 mg

120 000 mg

Directions for use :



GERMATOXmust be administered via drinking water at the rate of:

Dairy cows :

250 ml / dairy cow once or twice per day during 4 to 7 days to treat ketosis. To reduce ketosis risk : 125 ml / day during 8 days , mixed in the feed intake.

Sheeps :

50 ml once or twice per day during 3 to 5 days at the time of ketosis. To reduce cetosis risk: 25 ml / day, 5 days running.

Broilers and Layers :

1 litre in 1000 litres of water during 3 to 5 days. Renew the application every 2 weeks if there are still digestive problems.

Pack sizes:

500ml, 1L and 20L can

Manufactured by:

Germaferm sarl,France

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