GERMAFLUSH Plus is specialized in improving the liver function, protecting the liver and detoxification thus ensuring better feed utilization and improved productivity. It also acts as digestive and diuretic stimulant.

Properties :

GERMAFLUSH Plus’s  formula is based on :

Ø Sorbitol which stimulates the digestive and pancreatic enzymes (mainly cholecystokinine – pancreozyme), increases bile’s production. In stimulating excretion of billiary functions, it enables liver detoxification and a better digestion of lipids in the feed. At least, sorbitol is also diuretic : 20% is eleminated by the kidney leading to a higher volume of urine by an in the osmolarity of urine.

  • Carnitine  plays a key role to improve  in energy metabolism and promotes the lipid redistribution in organism mainly in broiler and laying hen, Slightly improve egg production and hatchability.
  • Methionine is an amino acid acting like choline as a major lipotropic agent which prevents fat overloads in liver and facilits the circulation of lipids contained in the feed.
  • Choline prevents the abdominal accumulation of fat within the hepatocytes (fatty liver)and liver enlargement , accelerate the growth and improve the laying rate and hatchability.
  • Betaine which ensures the controller role in  lipid metabolism and increases breast meat yield in broiler.
  • Magnesium  is macro mineral whose activity is known as neuro muscular excitability. It also plays a role in  the enzymatic system, mainly the energy transfers. It has a soft purgative diuretic and cholagogue effect on the intestine and the liver. At least, Magnesium regulates the absorption of group B vitamins.
  • Sodium and magnesium which favour the intestinal motor fuction.
  • Plant extracts act in synergy on the hepatic function (cholagogue and choleretic action) and on the kidney (as a soft diuretic).

Nutritional objectives :

GERMAFLUSH reduces risks of liver steatosis syndrome, regulates of hepatic, digestive and kidney functions, insufficient water consumption, loss of appetite. It also reduces the clinical symptoms when feed is contaminated with pesticides, mycotoxin or after long antibiotic treatment and liver enlargement. It is also particularly recommended at weaning time, during the force-feeding and critical growth phases.

Composition per litre :

          Sorbitol :                             450 000 mg

          Choline chloride :               80 000 mg

          Betaine :                               30 000 mg

          Methionine acetyl :             25 000 mg

          Sodium chloride :                50 000 mg

          Magnesium sulphate :       15 000 mg

          Vitamin PP :                           2 000 mg

          Carnitin:                                  5 000 mg

          Plant extracts : Boldo, artichoke, etc…

Directions for use :

GERMAFLUSH can be administered via drinking water or directly on the feed intake.


Dairy cows: 50 to 100 ml / head / day for 5 days running during maintain period.


Poultry: 1 litre / 1000 litres of drinking water for 5 days running.


FISH/SHRIMP: 1 ml/Kg Feed for 3-5days.

Presentation:  100ml, 500ml, 1000ml bottle and 20L Can.

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