PROMOZEN-L is gastrointestinal tract (GIT) health enhancer for poultry based on activated natural organic acids and trace minerals extracted from plants/

Features of PROMOZEN-L:

-GI acidification - Selective Bacteriostatic
-Immune-potentiation - Neutralization of toxins

- Convenient and diluted-well for use
- Very stable in the drinking water for 24 hours

- Produced by biotechnology (patent applied)
- 100% natural, environmental friendly

- Poultry has a short GIT so, very sensitive to stress and needs to cope with stress factors

- Economical compared to probiotics, acidifiers and enzymes at practical dose cost

Biological Function of PROMOZEN-L:

> The Benefits of Lowering GI pH

  • Improving absorption of nutrients such as amino acid, vitamins, organic acid and minerals
  • Improving digestibility of feed due to activation of the digestive enzymes
  • Improving growth of the intestinal micro-villi
  • Prevention the inflammation of the intestinal epithelium

> Action of Selective Bacteriostatic

Direct action over pathogenic bacteria
such as E. coli and Salmonella spp., etc.

  • Increasing the permeability of harmful bacteria cell wall

Promotes the growth and colonization of beneficial flora such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilli etc.

  • Provides favorable conditions for beneficial flora in the GIT and creates competitive exclusion by only inhibiting pathogenic bacteria
  • Normalization of diarrhea and constipation

> Action of Selective Bacteriostatic

  1. Prevents pathogenic bacteria growth in the GIT
  2. Prevents putrid chemicals from being generated
  3. Enhances immunity
  4. Increases digestibility
  5. Being susceptible to stress and disease
  6. Week liver and kidney function
  7. Increases mortality and food poisoning
  8. Decreases feed absorption and Immunity

> Action of Immune Potentiation

  • Falling infections early
  • Susceptibility to CRD and other disease
  • Longer recovery from disease
  • Poor productivity
  • Poor egg and meat quality

Recommendation of PROMOZEN-L:

• At diarrhea : 5~7 days with therapeutics, at the rate of four times of standard dosage.
• At disease : until treated with therapeutics, at the rate of four times of standard dosage
• For raising the peak production and production capacity : 100ml per 1,000 hens daily from entering laying house after they pass their peak production
• For increasing survival rate and decreasing broken egg and soft egg under stress condition : 200ml per 1,000 hens daily during the stress condition
• For improving meat and egg quality : at the rate of twice of standard dosage, continuously

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