Complementary liquid mineral  supplemen

Properties :

GERMATRACE Plus  is a highly digestive complementary feed supplement to mix in drinking water. It is appetizing thanks to its aroma and brings a lot of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and the necessary trace elements for a good functioning of the organism. It increases growth and egg production of broilers and laying hens, improves egg quantity and quality.

Nutritional objectives :

GERMATRACE Plus reduces stress reactions and is particularly recommended for all kind of poultry with high production capacity and during specific periods of the production cycle :

  • At the time of reproduction.
  • Laying period.
  • After vaccination and antibiotic treatments,
  • In case of brittle eggs.
  • Problems of legs.
  • To increase egg production and egg quality of laying hens
  • To increase growth of broilers (feathering).


GERMATRACE Plus is also a prophylaxis against mineral deficiency disease such as rickets, fragility of egg shell and bone malformation.

Composition per litre :

          Calcium :                                 50 000 mg

          Phosphorus :                          120 000 mg

          Magnesium :                            12 000 mg

          Zinc :                                          4 200 mg

          Manganese :                              4 200 mg

          Iron :                                           1 600 mg

          Copper :                                        300 mg


Directions for use:

GERMATRACE Plus  must be administered as complement of the feed intake at a rate of 1 to 2 litres per 1000 litres of drinking water for 3 to 6 days running.

Pack size:

500 ml, 1000 ml bottle and 20L Can

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