Germa Selen is an  oral nutrition liquid premix containing vitamin E and Selenium for the treatment and prevention of selenium-tocopherol deficiency in poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, horse etc.

Properties :

        The vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to protect biological membranes. Like the Selenium, it plays a role in the protection of cellular membranes.

Nutritional objectives :

         GERMASELEN is particularly recommended in reproductive health, egg production, body weight gain, immune system, It brings Vitamin E and Selenium to ensure the good functioning of muscular, vascular and nervous functions.

         For poultry, GERMASELEN  also improves  growth and feathering of broilers and laying hens, activates immune system  and gives good immune response after vaccinatrion, enhances fertility and hatchability etc.

         It is particularly recommended to fight against encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, white muscle disease, hepatic necrosis, stiff lamb, myositis, mulberry heart disease, infertility and for the control of oxidative flavor in milk.

GERMASELEN contains additives with controlled maximum incorporation levels. Its dministration must be recorded in the farming register.

Composition per litre :

          Vitamin E:                           100 000 mg

          Sodium selenite :                  1 000 mg

Directions for use:

GERMASELEN must be administered via drinking water as complement of the feed intake at the rate of:

 Poultry: 1ml per 2 liters of drinkin water for 3 to 5 days.

 Cattle, horse, Sheep:  1ml -2ml per 10-15 kg body weight for 5-10 days.

Fish/Shrimp: 1ml per Kg feed for 3-5 days running.



100 ml, 500ml and 1000 ml bottle and 20L Can.

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