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BFSI Domain

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BFSI Industry – Domain Knowledge

Looking for knowledge and key business information on the BFSI industry?

TechnoFunc brings to you BFSI industry overview, business model, value chain, competitive landscape, and latest trends. The Term BFSI is an acronym for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance and popular as an industry term for companies that provide a range of such products/services and is commonly used by IT/ITES/BPO companies and technical/professional services firms that manage data processing, application testing and software development activities in this domain. Banking may include core banking, retail, private, corporate, investment, cards and the like. Financial Services may include stock-broking, payment gateways, mutual funds etc. Insurance covers both life and non-life.

Learn the various dynamics and challenges in the domain knowledge for BFSI Industry. Quickly enhance your business acumen and talk like an expert and impress your stakeholders in your next meeting! 

Sectors of Insurance Industry

mua vé số online miền namLiên kết đăng nhập The insurance industry classifies the different products it offers by sector. The insurance sector is made up of companies that offer risk management in the form of insurance contracts. There are four main insurance sectors: Life & Health Insurance Industry, General Insurance Industry, Specialty Insurance Industry & Reinsurance Industry. This article describes the current insurance industry sectors and their associated activities, products, and services.

What is Life & Health Insurance Industry?

mua vé số online miền namLiên kết đăng nhập Insurers in this industry directly underwrite insurance policies relating to life, health, accident, and medical risks. Life and annuity insurance covers not only life and annuities but also health and disability. Read more about the health and life insurance industry. Life and health insurers generate revenue not only through the specific activity of insurance underwriting but also by investing premiums.

What is General Insurance Industry?

mua vé số online miền namLiên kết đăng nhập   General Insurance industry providers perform an essential function in today's economy. General insurance is typically defined as any insurance that is not determined to be life insurance. Depending on the type of occupation, risk exposure, and the money involved, the insurance could be different for each industry or business. In underwriting insurance policies, general insurers earn premiums that they further invest.

What is Reinsurance Industry?

mua vé số online miền namLiên kết đăng nhập A primary insurer purchases reinsurance to limit its exposure, usually to one specific type of risk, thereby diversifying its book of risk. Businesses in this industry focus on assuming all or part of the risk associated with existing insurance policies originally underwritten by direct insurance carriers. In other words, the primary activity of this industry is insuring insurance companies. Reinsurance occurs when multiple insurance companies share risk by purchasing insurance policies from other insurers.

The Business Model of Insurance Industry

mua vé số online miền namLiên kết đăng nhập The insurance industry business model can be further categorized into two types of main activities, service domain, and support domain. Service domain activities make up the company's value chain and the support domain provides the infrastructure and support to sustain the value chain. Support activities may include corporate services, finance, human resources, or information systems, and technology. 

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